How To Refrain From Eating While Drunk?

If you are trying to maintain your healthy weight then eating while drinking alcohol can cause real troubles. The effects of alcohol on impairing the decision-making skills are among the well-known along with effects it causes on judgment and self-control. This is not only impaired judgment we are considering to avoid getting drunk while eating but we are also concerned about the ability to regulate what and how much we eat.

The ability to make healthier choices requires a lot of willpower, and it becomes tougher to stick to the healthier choices when drinking. Discussing why people eat more while drinking, one idea is that it takes longer to feel fully satisfied when drinking. Although the body still consumes the calories from alcohols with no nutritional benefits as alcohol doesn’t contain fats, proteins, fibers, and nutrients. Each gram of it provides seven calories while regular carbohydrates provide four calories per gram. Alcohol depresses the cellular activity as it is not digested but is absorbed directly in the stomach and small intestine and goes into the blood stream. Food before or while drinking is usually recommended to slow this absorption of alcohol into the blood stream. When you are eating or drinking, your body raises the level of insulin to decrease the blood sugar. When the absorption of food or alcohol becomes fast, the blood sugar levels can slow the process of triggering the brain to signal for more. Heavy drinkers choose lots of simple carbohydrates so that the desire of the body to raise the glucose level in the blood should be addressed quickly. Alcohol also requires other nutrients and, vitamins and minerals to metabolize.

For some drinkers, the alcohol enhances the taste of fats and salt which results in them to choose unhealthier food choices. Excessive consumption of unhealthy foods like fast food or chips can cause some serious health consequences.

So eating an extra snack while drinking can benefit in slow absorption of alcohol and helps to metabolize it, but in the end, it causes serious health consequences.

To avoid unhealthy choices while drinking, below are some ideas you must try.

1. Limit the amount of alcoholic drinks you take: For men, 2 drinks and for women 1 drink a day are enough to have the moderate level of alcohol consumption. Lesser the drinking, more you will be in control of your decision-making skills. Moreover, drink a lot of water especially while drinking to stay hydrated. As dehydration can also make you feel hungry.

2. Keep the food out of sight: If the snacks and food would not be in your reach, you can easily avoid them. So try to avoid bringing junk foods in the house.

3. Take the food before going for drinks: Before drinking, eat a healthy meal full of proteins, fats, and fiber which will bring fullness, and it will also reduce the cravings for unhealthy snacks.

4. Healthy snacks should be ready all the time: Prepare healthy snacks before drinking and keep them accessible. Plan meals like black beans, salsa, fruits, vegetables, popcorns, yogurt and whole grain tortilla chips, if you are a snack lover.

5. Friends for support: Make a plan with your friends and keep yourself occupied with other activities like playing games to limit unnecessary mindless eating.