Ways To Cut Down Intake of Sugar, Fat And Salt

Cutting down consuming salt, fat and sugar may appear difficult to many, particularly for senior Americans or those with specific conditions of health and/or medicines which have a compromised sense of taste and smell. Fortunately, there is a key that can fit best with almost the whole world: spices and herbs.

a) Taste, treatment, and Prevention

Spices and Herbs serve to flavor foods without the addition of calories, however, rendering to numerous medical journals, they too consist of amalgams within them that have the potential to prevent diseases or ease specific symptoms. The below mentioned spices and herbs have curative and therapeutic characteristics:

i. Garlic

ii. Basil

iii. Cinnamon

iv. Black cumin

v. Allspices

vi. Cloves

vii. Thyme

viii. Rosemary

viii. Ginger

ix. Bay leaves

x. Mustard

Some ways to use herbs and spices:

For incorporation spices and herbs, it does not imply that you have to prepare complex meals. You can effortlessly complement everyday foods with them by using the following methods:

For homemade salad dressing:

In order to make a salad dressing at home, mix the following ingredients:

a) Crushed Garlic

b) Lemon Juice.

c) Olive Oil

d) Basil

Salad and sandwiches:

Combine chives, cilantro, mint or basil to sandwiches or salads.

Sprinkle it over cereals: 

Sprinkle cinnamon or nutmeg on toast or oatmeal.

For Scrambled egg:

Combine chives and parsley into scrambled eggs.

For tea and sauces:

Top applesauce with ground cloves or add it in tea. Moreover, mix ginger with stir-fry dishes, sauces or with marinades.

When sautéing:

When Sautéing spinach add lemon juice and garlic.

For Pizza and soups:

Add oregano in marinara sauce, salad dressings, in soups or on top of the pizza.

How to have and select the best item?

To get the freshest collection of herbs and spices close by, go for growing your own. Nevertheless, in case you have to buy them from another place, search for herbs that have a sharp aroma and are healthy-free from bugs and are not floppy, slimy or moldy.

How to store them in a proper way?

In order to increase the life of fresh cut herbs, pack the stems in a paper towel that is damped and keep them in a plastic bag in the fridge. Also, you can freeze them in potage in trays of an ice cube and keep in a labeled bag of the freezer for a number of months. Make sure first to wash and take away uneatable parts. Also, you possibly need to dry them yourself or create a distillation with vinegar or olive oil.

Dried herb selection:

In case of buying dried herbs, look for expiration dates and purchase from a trustworthy store. If possible, purchase them whole and crush them yourself afterward. Dried herbs will lose their strength within a short time, therefore, buy quantities that you will use in the coming 6 months.

Do not forget that fresh herbs normally have a sharper aroma, but dried herbs offer a stronger punch of flavor.

You can choose the one that attracts you the most.